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Price Zummer X 2018 in Cambodia

Lastly, Honda’s Zoomer-X 2018 motorcycle is arriving in Cambodia. Regarding the price of Zoomer-X 2018, the new model costs about $ 2500. In addition to the outline of the design, there are six different...


Honda NCX New Designer

Honda NCX unveiled the 2018 BeAT Sports Scooter on its Facebook pod with a look that suits young people. New sessions and special features such as: Driving and seduction Has a manual anti-slip protection brake...


Advantage of Learning English

Learning English is the most popular one around the world because English is an international language so it’s very important for everyone. And is you can understand and speak English fluently you will get...

Suzuki NEX 2017  just arrive 0

Suzuki NEX 2017 just arrive

Suzuki NEX 2017  just arrive on Market in Cambodia . That is the popular one in Cambodia especially for Teenager or middle old people make them feel easy to go to school or go to...



Apple’s smartwatch has been on sale for months, but Apple has announced a new model that has produced WatchOS 2 watches, and this watch will be available from retailers on Christmas Day.